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Want to improve your leadership skills? Decide on next career move? Stressed? Poor work life balance? Then professional coaching can help you to be more effective and happier. See below for more information.
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Leadership Coaching

As a Leader are you struggling with the pace of change and business pressure in this volatile uncertain COVID world? Phil is a leadership coaching specialist with a range of tools and techniques to help you navigate these challenging times.
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Phil has coached senior leaders, and delivered leadership performance programmes in blue chip companies all over the world.
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No two people are the same and so Phil uses a range of coaching methodologies, tools, and techniques, to help you achieve your goals. He also draws on his extensive business and leadership development experience to offer advice and guidance to help you navigate these challenging times.
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Pro Bono Environmental Coaching

I am passionate about two things, getting results with coaching and supporting the environmental sector with pro bono coaching.
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Over the last 25 years I have successfully coached executives, business leaders and managers all over the world, in companies such as Airbus, Coca Cola, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Google and Microsoft. 

The business world is changing fast creating a lot of pressure in the work place for both leaders and managers. I am here to help you make the right choices, get a good work life balance and find your way in this difficult environment.

No one client is the same and so the coaching is tailored to fit you. As a professional coach I will draw on 25 years' experience in the business world and a range of coaching methodologies, to help you think differently, see the wood for the trees, and to challenge your beliefs and assumptions. I will also help you to move forward with actions and commitments to make that essential difference to your life.

I am an International Coaching Federation Professionally Qualified Coach. The gold standard in the coaching world.

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The coaching has definitely helped me to transform the Northern Line from our worst to our best performing tube line. It has shown a clear return on investment of 623% in one month alone!

Lee Jones, Northern Line Infrastructure Manager Tube Lines.

My coach has been incredibly effective in helping me to understand both my true self and also start to achieve my real potential as a business leader.

Martin Brown, Head of Engineering Airbus UK.

Phil has a unique and very pragmatic approach to developing coaching skills that you can use immediately in the work place, forcing people to think for themselves and save you lots of wasted time!

James Smith, Plant Manager Philips Components.

The programme has given, line managers the skills and confidence to challenge poor performance at all levels in the business triggering an explosion of performance related discussions.

Sally Ann Brookes, HR Manager, Unilever.